The model (from Model Victoria)

Finally we can have a model of this car, thanks to Victoria Model. When you open the box, the first thing you notice is the quality of resin cast, without bubbles. A great kit.

There are about 20 parts of resin in the kit(one is the guide to bend a photoetch part), some photoetched parts, a tensparent sheet fror windows an a decal sheeet.

The model is mounted without problems, even thanks to the istruction sheet, very siple, but explanes everything.

You don't need too much filler on the model, and the detail quality is simply fantastic, so be careful not to grind it off.

To paint the model, the color to use is Humbrol's 102 (I added a small amount of yellow).
When you finish this model, you have something that is really hard stuff in your collection.

There is also a figure to use in this car, but I did'nt put it in, cause I hate figures, even if this one is "the state of the art" in figures.
This model is worth the money to buy it.