North American T-6 "Texan" in Italian service


With the plane assignment for MDAP plan, Italy recieved some T-6 trainers, both american (called Texan) and Canadian (called Harvard).

T-6H2 from 2^ Regione Aerea - Rome

The number of aircraft Italy recieved or bought is:

- 14 revised T-6D (ex southafrican, called T-6C in Italy)
- 45 (43) T-6D
- 30 T-6G
- 69 ex canadian Harvard IV (called T-6H4M in Italy)
- 41 Harvard IIB (called T-6H2M in Italy)
- 25 ex english Harvard IV
- 8 SNJ from Armee dell'Air.

for a 230 planes in total.

T-6G from 2nd period flight school of Lecce-Galatina

T-6 were used only as flight school and liason missions, performing them in a remarkable way.

They started to be removed from active service in the '70 , and last one flew at the beginning of 1979.

Fuselage codes

Every plane had a 2 letter (few times a number) followed by a number, painted on the fuselage. Letters told the airbase the plane belonged to, and the number indicated the plane in one way in the airbase.

T-6G from Reparto Volo Accademia Aeronautica a Napoli

Here are the fuselage codes used by italian T-6:

- 4 - 4° Stormo (Grosseto);
- 9 - 9° Stormo (Grazzanise);
- 303 - 303° Gruppo Autonomo (Guidonia):
- AA = Accademia Aeronautica (Napoli);
- AS = Distaccamento aeron. in Somalia (Modadiscio);
- FT = 538^ Squadriglia Autonoma (Capodichino);
- RB = III^ Regione Aerea (Palermo);
- RB = 512^ Squadriglia Automoma (Bari);
- RB = 513^ Squadriglia Autonoma (Palermo);
- RM = I^ Regione Aerea (Milano);
- RM = 53° Stormo (Cameri);
- RR = II^ Regione Aerea (Roma); - RR = 514^ Squadriglia Autonoma (Cagliari);
- S2 = Scuola di Volo II° periodo (Lecce ed Elmas);
- S3 = Scuola di Volo III° periodo (Amendola);
- SC = Scuola Centrale Istruttori Volo (Brindisi);
- SE = Scuola di Volo II° periodo (Elmas);
- SI = Centro Istruzione Volo (Brindisi);
- SL = Scuola di Volo basico ad elica (Latina e Lecce);
- SP = Scuola di Volo Plurimotori (Latina).

T-6H4M from Scuola Volo Basico Iniziale (S.V.B.I.)


The first ariplanes, the ex southafrican ones, were totally in Alluminium (Alluminio 11)
T-6C/D were in Alluminium (Alluminio 11), with wing tips in Chrome Yellow (Giallo Cromo 15)
T-6G were totally in Lemon Yellow (Giallo Limone 22), after in Orange (Arancione 21)
T-6H4M and T-6H2M were only in erano in Chrome Yellow (Giallo Cromo 15)
For all: antireflex and walkways in Black (Nero Opaco)

T-6H4M from 1^ Regione Aerea - Milano