The model - Ju-87B "Picchiatello (1:72 scale)"

At last a model dedicated to Italian Stuka, called also Picchiatello. Italerei recently issued a Special Italy series, with a No. 6805 dedicated to an italian Ju-87 B-2/R-2 Stuka.

The built up model, yet to be painted (note the mask on the canopy).

The model is fairly good, and builds up without big problems, apart the nose of th aircraft, that needs some attention before glueing.

Note diorama before painting.

The only modifies I made to the model was to remove the sirens placed on the main gear chassis, the where not used by italians, and added a stretched sprue antenna.

The finished model.

The model has been painted with german standard camouflage for this plane, that is:

- RLM 70 Schwarzgruen, corrisponds to FS34050 and
- RLM 71 Dunkelgruen, corrisponds to FS34079 for upper surface;
- RLM 65 Hellblau, corrisponds to FS35352 for lower surface.

Wethearing was made by airbrush, and chipped paint with Magnesium from Testors - Model Master.

Front view.

From the box you can make a Stuka from 209th Diving Squadr., placed in Sicily in 1941, with the yellow strip on the nose of the aircraft.
I decided to make a 236th Squadr., 96th Group "Bombardieri a Tuffo", placed in Tripoli in 1941, done by use of Tauro Model decals (nr 72-521 for insigna and 72-546 for cockade).
If you use these decals you can build 6 different Picchiatello models, from 208th (Gorizia 1941), 236th (Tripoli 1941), 237th squadr. (Lecce - Galatina 1940), from "Nucleo Addestramento Tiro a Tuffo" (Lonate Pozzolo 1940/41), and 2 planes from 239th Squadr. (Lecce - Galatina 1940).

Upper view

It's a good model, if you consider quality and price, and allows you to have a different Stuka in your collection.