Italian acrobatic teams

"Cavallino Rampante" 1950-1952

First jet acro team in Italy. They used De Havilland DH 100 "Vampire" (FB Mk.51 and FB Mk.52A produced in Italy). The team was composed of 4 planes from 4 Stormo.

"Getti Tonanti" 1953-1955

Team that flew onRepublic F-84G "Thunderjet", was from 5^ Aerobrigata of Villafranca . Was composed by 4 planes.

"Tigri Bianche" 1955-1956

Team on Republic F-84G "Thunderjet" from Aviano AFB with 51^ Aerobrigata numbers. Had 4 planes.

"Cavallino Rampante" 1956-1957

Planes were 4 Canadair F-86E "Sabre" first, then became 5. Numbers were from 4^ Aerobrigata.

"Diavoli Rossi" 1957-1959

Created on Ghedi AFB from 6 Stormo, the team used 5 Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak".

"Lancieri Neri" 1958-1959

From 2 Stormo on 6 Canadair F-86E "Sabre" .

"Getti Tonanti" 1959-1960

Team from Rimini, with 5^ Aerobrigata numbers, flew on 5 Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak".

"Frecce Tricolori" 1963 to now

The most known italian team, was created by the Italian Air Force when they decided to create a stabile plant team, known as 313 Gruppo Autonomo Addestramento Acrobatico ( Autonomous Acrobatic Training Group) on Rivolto AFB. This team has used various tipes of planes  , like:.Canadair F-86E "Sabre", FIAT G-91 PAN and now uses the Aermacchi MB-339. This is a 10 plane team.