Air Force Link
Tons of aircraft pictures

Italian Navy Aviation
Shows italian aircraft an heli

Group dedicated to restauration

Italian Wings
Aircraft articles

Luca Beato
Dedicated to italian aircraft

IPMS Italy
A must seee

Aeronautica Militare Italiana
Official site of Italian Air Force

Museo aeronautico di Vigna di Valle
Italian Airplane museum

Eagle Press
Very interesting site

Spotters nest
Research on italian aricraft, both civil and military

F84 Thunderjet.COM
All on F-84

L'aviazione italiana nel XX secolo
Italian aviation history

F104 Starfighter Site
Story of Italian Starfighter

All about Texan

Reggiane, Reggiane
Site dedicated to Raggiane fighters

Warbirds in Italy
Site on italian planes


Artiglieria e Meccanizzazione nelle FF.AA. Italiane
Articles on italian tanks

Carri del Regio Esercito
Nice site with a lot of photos

Ferrea Mole
Photos, manuals and articles of post war italian tanks

Model Tank Gallery
Articles on italian tanks

Il Museo Storico di Pinerolo
Official site

Museo Storico in Trento
Official site

Esercito Italiano
Italian Army official site

Comando truppe alpine
Italian Alpini official site

Some good images

Stefano's homepage
Site on italian M-113, VCC1 e VCC2

Italian Modelling Groups

Alfa Model Club - Roma

Asso di Spade - Varese

Associazione Modellismo Storico - Verona

Centro Modellistico Torinese

Club Modellismo Storico - Cagliari

Club Modellistico S.Giusto

CMPR - Sezione di Bari

Model Clib VCO

Red Devils

Knights of the round table

Amici del modellismo - Jesi

Mediolanum modelling Club

Toscana modelli

Amici del modellsimo statico - Fano

Club Modellistico Catania

Club Modellistico 77 Lupi Solitari