Dewoitine D.520 in the Italian Regia Aeronautica

The D.520 was widely used by Italian Regia Aeronautica during WW2, thanks to the material capture of Arme de l'Air planes. At least 36 airplanes fell in Italian hands.

Foto of italian D.520

At least 9 italian CT (tactical fighter squadron) used this plane.

The 8th Squadron had the D.520 for a little time.

Maintenance of italian D.520 (Cuneo-Levaldigi)

The 2nd Autonomous Interceptor Squadron, from second half of may '43, had a few D.520, that were used to protect the city of Metato (358^ Squadron).

Canadian soldiers look what remains of an Italian D.520

167nd Group and 303nd Squadron had this plane, but did'nt fly it to much.

Squadron 78 and 82 of 13 Group used the Dewoitine a lot, and at the end the planes were given to 24th Group (374nd Squadron).

Dewoitine D.250 (Metato 1943)

The D.520 was used for the training of new pilots in the 60 Group, untill they could fly the more complex Do.217J.

Dewoitine D.250 (Metato 1943)

59th Group had up to 13 french planes in their rows..