47/32 Anti tank gun

47/32 Anti tank gun

Created In 1935 as copy of austrian Boler gun, during WWII shows all its limits, cause his shells didn't have the power to penetrate british tanks armour.

It has been built in 2 versions, the first one with semi pneumatic full wheels and leaf spring suspensions, second one (in 1939) with improved barrel and suspensions (in a few series also with "electron" wheels with semipneumatic "celerflex").

The OCI-780 CM and the light tank L3 were used to trail this gun, but there were a lot of problems cause of axle breaking.

This gun was exported to China, Rumania and Finland, and was used also by Jugoslavia, by England (captured examples) and by geermany (was called PaK-177(i)).

In was also used on "autocannoni" AS37 and AS43, on M series tanks (M11, M13, ecc), on L6/40 tank, on armourd "littorine" (trains) and in a lot of other ways. It was largly use on all fronts.

It was very light, so it was parachuted and used largly by airborne troops.

Photo file

Photos of 2 47-32 exibited in the ARMIR Museum in Cargnacco - Udine (Italy).